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Your Fluffy Friend Is In Our Safe And Caring Hands

We are a small firm with 15 dedicated employees that provide all kinds of pet care services in New York.

We know how much you adore your pet. You can be sure that we care about your family member with all our attention and love for animals. We offer all kinds of pet care services fo our clients in New York.
Our dedicated team of vets, groomers, pet sitters and other specialists will provide all kinds of services and take care of your pet. We find an approach to every animal. You can rest assured that your fluffy family member will stay healthy and happy.




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Meet Our Team

Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank.


Alina Maisner

Pet Sitter

Alina provides professional pet sitting and dog walking services. She has been working in Best.Pet for 10 years already. She loves animals, and this feeling is mutual. Alina is attentive and looks after all kinds of pets, especially dogs and cats.


Jessica Shimmer


Jessica is a certified veterinary technician with over 12 years of hands-on experience in vet clinics in the USA. Jessica provides personal consultations and can make prescriptions but doesn't perform any complex procedures at Best.Pet.


Mary Douglas


Mary is a professional groomer. She knows how to take care of animals' coats so that they always look great and feel good. Mary also provides consultations and does everything to keep your fluffy friend happy, neat, and healthy.